Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Blame Erap

90's era. Elementary days for me back then yet it was still very clear in my memory. On TV was the sight of one of "The MOST OUTSTANDING PHILIPPINE SENATOR" preaching....


Strong words from the charismatic then - senator. It would make the casual Juan de la Cruz patriot running outdoors with a flag and a jungle bolo, wailing for the thirst of freedom against the "imaginary" slavery we Filipinos are suffering. But alas the honorable senator was a bit short sighted on his goals. I was constantly wondering back then, has our honorable senator weighed the pros and cons of his "brilliant" decision?

Yesterday I saw a news. For many uneducated young Pinoy, it turned out to be a surprise. But for someone who expected this backfire to happen, we are reminded on how brilliant our politicians and decision makers are.

“This is Chinese Warship 560. You are in the China territory. Leave the area immediately.”

Upon hearing this warning through a marine band radio, three Philippine boats fishing in Quirino, or Jackson atoll, a Philippine-claimed islet off Palawan in the disputed Spratly Islands, scampered away.

But the Chinese warship still fired three shots at the vessels F/V Jaime DLS, F/V Mama Lydia DLS and F/V Maricris 12. The Philippine Nay later identified the Chinese warship as Dongguan, a Jianghu-V Class missile frigate.

The idiocy of Erap, Tanada, his idiotic cohorts, the rest of the idiotic false sense Pinoy patriots who voted for these clowns and supported them to thwart out US bases out of country (for a reason that they are foreigners bringing AIDS [sheesh just give them some condoms]), back fired. Now we realize what the white skins was looking after, the unstoppable ever growing billion Chinese armada. Back then China would think twice meddling with Spratlys, they know somewhere out there a US aircraft carrier was watching our borders ready to blow anything the same seconds they step their fins on it.

Now lets examine the honorable then - senators speech, with reference to the video posted above. (courtesy of vlag, and youtube)

@0:06 "We have become so dependent on the Americans that we have never learned to be self sufficient,"

Dear Mr. Erap. Nature teaches us that the powerless should be dependent on the powerful. The best way to describe this is an infant Erap's umbilical cord attached to the respected mother, Mrs. Estrada, before you were born, or a young bovine sucking on his mothers nutritious milk, or a chick seeking warmth on the broad feathers of a hen.

Did Mr. Erap ever examined the countries that has US bases on it? South Korea, Taiwan, Japan. Did those countries lost their sovereignty? Are they not self sufficient? No in fact these countries has surpassed us by myriads in terms of economic, social, political, resource progress!

@0:12 "..our country has been seen as a nation of beggars, a nation of prostitutes, nation of cheaters, a nation of domestic helpers... "

After the Americans have left us Mr. Erap, did it diminish our problems with beggars and prostitutes?


If the honorable Mr. Erap only knows how to read statistics, it clearly shows that from the 90's era there was a massive growth of beggars, prostitutes, cheaters, and domestic helpers in our country. With our economic zones diminished this resulted in the pull out of huge American corporations, investors like Fed Ex, Nike, etc..

With the lack of employment, political stability, livelihood our country has become a further land of beggars, prostitutes, domestic helpers, OFWs. The decision of our honorable then senator Erap didn't resolve anything and only made the problem worse. Our country has become more of the land of cheaters. Mr. Erap hows that plunder case of yours doing these days?

The only enslavement our fellow Filipino are suffering is poverty. But alas Mr. Erap never realized that. If Mr. Erap really loved our country he should think more about things that it should benefit from.

I walked across the streets of Shenzhen and realized how organized and well develop it is. Many people fear about China invading our sovereignty, but personally I don't mind. I'm more confident that China could run a better government system than those political clowns that we have now. A thousand times better than Erap.

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