Thursday, July 7, 2011

Philippines to send athletes to 2011 Universiade (Shenzhen, China)

Shennan Road Shenzhen

Finally, Philippines will be sending a "lean and mean" team for the 2011 Universiade that will be held here in Shenzhen. Basketball team will playing on a nearby (my place) gymnasium (photo above) and expect me to bring a flag to cheer for them. ^_^

Teams from different countries will be setting their foot on Shenzhen Bay stadium (below) on grand opening of the said event this August.


The city rumoredly planned to held a 7 day holiday for the said event. (I'm crossing my fingers.) hehe.


Posted on May 18, 2011 08:39:55 PM

Philippines to send athletes to Shenzhen, China Universiade

THE PHILIPPINES is sending a lean but mean delegation to the 26th Summer Universiade to be held in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China from August 12-23, 2011.

It marks the first time that the country will take part in the Universiade, an international university sporting event that is held every two years.

The Philippines will see action in eight sports disciplines, according to the Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP), the only local university sports organization that is officially recognized by the International University Sports Federation (FISU), the organizer of the Universiade and World University Games

The eight sports disciplines are: swimming, men’s basketball, table tennis, badminton, chess, archery, beach volleyball and athletics.

A Cebu all-star team composed of university players will represent the Philippines in the men’s basketball competition in the 26th Summer Universiade to be held in Shenzhen, China, in August.

The Sugbu squad will revolve around players from the University of Cebu, which topped the 2009 National Students Basketball Championship and the 2011 CESAFI tournament.

University of Cebu’s Roehl Gomez, who once played professional ball with Alaska in the Philippine Basketball Association, is the head coach of the Philippine team.

For the participation in the basketball competition, an athlete must have been born between Jan. 1, 1987 and Dec. 31, 1993

Serbia will defend its men’s basketball title in the Shenzhen Universiade. It played host to the 2009 Universiade and scored a 73-51 decision over Russia to claim the men’s basketball title.

The United States downed Israel, 91-80, to secure the bronze medal.

There are 24 countries competing in the men’s basketball competition of the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade.

Following the draw held last April 16, here is the composition of the four pools (or groups) in the men’s basketball competition:

Pool A -- China, Germany, Romania, Brazil, Czech Republic and United Arab Emirates;

Pool B -- Serbia, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Republic of South Africa and Hong Kong;

Pool C -- Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Japan, PHILIPPINES and New Zealand

Pool D -- United States, Israel, Finland, Korea, Hungary and Mexico.

More than 3,000 athletes, coaches and officials from a record-setting 188 countries are taking part in the Shenzhen Universiade, making this year the largest Universiade ever.

The first Summer Universiade was held in Turin, Italy, in August-September 1959.

A total of 1,407 athletes from 43 countries saw action in seven sports events that year.

Expectedly, host Italy collected the most number of gold medals with 18 and topped the overall medal list with 38 medals (18-10-10).

Long before Michael Jordan became a legendary player in the National Basketball Association, His Airness saw action with Team USA at the 1983 Universiade.

Jordan powered the Americans to a gold medal finish at the 1983 Universiade in Edmonton, Canada.

While a junior (his final year) at the University of North Carolina, Jordan gained a roster berth on the USA team that copped the gold medal during the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. -- Marlon Bernardino


(ex)camwhore said...

I bet you're going to watch the games eh? Go nationalista! hehe. So you're in China.. interesting. I've been to Beijing last March but I figure malayo yata yun sa Shenzen.

Bring a big flag and wave it so proudly on the game! :D


J. Alvaran said...

Its near my place, i could even view it in my balcony ^_^. It couldn't be helped haha.

Shenzhen is a few minute ride from Hongkong, 2 hours plane flight from Pinas malayo talaga sa Beijing. ^_^

I will thanks. ^_^