Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shenzhen Bird Sanctuary

Pointless 3 Efforts

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Chinese Egret



One unusual fact about Shenzhen is within few walks from the city's industrial area comes a protected bird sanctuary. Famously named as "Hongshulin" by locals, the bird sanctuary stretches over a kilometer, its a major hub for migratory birds. Beside it is another long stretch of park dedicated for bird watchers. The bird sanctuary is barricaded with mangroves and bringing a good telescope and a good telescopic lens for your camera is a must or else you will be staring dots on the seaside.


ardee sean said...

gaganda po ng mga kuha.. pero i like the first pic much.. :P

Erwin "ERS" said...

very nice pictures. And Shenzhen is an interesting place to go to. : )