Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Birth of Blogging

Today marked  birth of this blog. Often, I am not a man of many words. I am not a writer. I prefer being visual. I present projects in a visual manner employing mostly heavy graphic techniques. One time, during a presentation meeting, my boss just sneered at me and complained the images are big and I should have been more emphatic on the explanation. Those sharp words tattooed my mind completely. Simple words but often enough for the wise to contemplate and rethink. (no Im absolutely not a wise man lol!) Im not good at writing anything poems, songs or something or explaining how things works blah blah my life, that life this and that etcetera. But oftentimes I try facing the wall and ask myself should I bury myself in that defeat. Most of the brave would try to even go "up against a wall". 

They say having a blog will constantly upgrade and practice your writing. Well I have blog elsewhere here and there before but its nothing serious! Like a kid playing around and out of curiosity "hey this is blog", but few days after completely forgetting about it! I started my serious flickr page ---> http://flickr.com/photos/jalvaran several weeks ago and I found it very helpful, enticing, encouraging me to know more and better about photography. (still I am an amatuer among amateurs lol) It gave me a real grasp about photography seeing photos taken by pros and knowledgeable one and taking most of their comments. But hey its all practically straight forward photography and defintely cheesy to write something like this and that,  so I began contemplating, how about a serious life blog?

Well I hope, not only will it encourage me to write but as I grow older and older each day I could reflect things passing from day to day. 

So a blessed blogging days ahead. Cheers! 

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Retro Manila said...

Welcome to whatever this is we're doing.

Blogging is a lot different from whims we put in Facebook and other social networks. Blogs have the silliest and the best of our thoughts... Sometimes, we blog just because we have nothing better to do.


I'll add you in my links.