Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tall Grass Issue #4

You Will Be Missed


Dec. 14, 1941 ~April 18, 2010

I was saddened knowing Mang M passed away recently.

I never saw him in person, even though I have chances to do so. When I was new to flickr he was one with the few here who bothered to smile at my crappy photos and says "just keep it up." [ even though he knows I was a lazy one to reply :] ]


"I mourn for those who never knew you
Your memory is never passing"



Bleak, depressive but deeply moving film, Robert de Niro once again drags a very strong performance as a father and a widower who tried to reconcile his family by bringing them together to dine under one table. Unfortunately all of them suddenly cancelled his invitation and in turn [despite of having lung ailment and was forbidden to travel] he tried to surprise them by visiting their respective address where he discovered their real lives behind those "I am happy", "Everybody's fine".

A good movie for most but again its not for everybody. [a good one for my judgement ^_^]



All Hope is Gone. Slipknot.

I was expecting less from this NU band. The fact that most of their core fans are kids and emo fags who don't know anything about music, kinda turned me off, but heck I have loads of those records that I want so whats the harm on trying this one out. I have their first their self titled album way back 1999. It was average yet enjoyable.

After few spins with this, the album didn't turn me off. Not impressive, but again its enjoyable. With some trash - esque, 80's -esque touches and the usual bass, pound, samples turf, they somehow started to take their level to a more mature one.

Again, music is not for everybody. I have a weird mixed taste of edgy and "generic" music, I like operas, orchestras, anything classic, love songs, alternative, punk, rock, metal up to the extreme bar tabs [if its loud, youre too old] but absolutely no gay POP.

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Ibyang said...

even if you've never seen Mang M, i'm sure he can see this blog of yours wherever he might be now. his smiles on your photos is immortal because you have acknowledged them.