Monday, March 8, 2010

Gripping Simplicity

Last weekend I was starving for some good movie to chew, so I browsed lot of things on the net, only to realize I don't have much choices left since I already watched most of them especially movies from last year. I cant exactly remember how, but I was lead out of nowhere to Sandra Bullocks profile on wiki and was definitely surprised on how in the world did she managed to grab all those awards for the 2009 movie "The Blindside". I skipped that movie out of my list before since I have watched hordes of sports type movie and all of them are basically typical from start to end, I don't want to rock myself into boredom and predictability but somehow Bullock pursuaded me to watch this movie and what came after was guilt on my part for not watching it on the big screen.

Easily, it is one of the best thing I've ever seen. Based on a true gripping book of Michael Lewis (The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game) on a true story about Michael Oher. With no twists, gimmicks, and typical Hollywood interjections (over hyped 3d, explosions, over bloated films), the movie stands out to be a very enjoyable, tear jerky, heart warming one laid in an awesome array of fun simplicity. Its a sports film that doesn't weigh down on sports itself rather it touched a hearty direction, and thanks to its brilliant director, it defied the way we see a Hollywood sports film.

One thing that stands out probably is Sandra Bullock with her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy (congratulations to your Oscars Best Actress award few hours ago). I have watched every film that she has and so far this one is the best and the most memorable one she have done. Well everyone in the film did a good job.

But again its a norm to see some feedbacks and blight about racism etc.. etc... but one thing they failed to understand is it is based on a true story and you cant bend it to what the critics wants it to turn out. Overall its a must see film, again its an escape to the Hollywood norm films about over budgeted effects and extravagant storyline.


roanne said...

nice noh? Simula pa lang ng movie umiiyak na ko... hey, watch extraordinary measures... based on true story din :)

carlotta1924 said...

buti na lang nahabol ko pa ang movie na ito sa sinehan about 3 weeks ago. nawala na kasi tapos biglang binalik sa gateway. i heart this movie :)