Tuesday, November 10, 2009


4.5/5 Endgame

Grabbed one. Not bad. 4.5/5. Dave still got an engine to give. Sure it isn't "Rust in Peace" but the Dave Mustaine somehow managed to reminisce his trash roots and blended it with "some" of "his modern commercialized style" seen on his recent albums (System Has Failed, United Abominations). Guitar merchant/wingman Chris Broderick filled what Dave couldn't do alone, let "Dialectic Chaos" speak for itself, unleashed gnarling shreds on "Headcrusher" and yes not to forget the catchy "44 Minutes".

Everywhere we hear Dave taking us back to "Eye of Tornado", "Kick the Chair" etc.. (with new and improved snarl) nothing but plain furious shreds and guitar exchange and finally giving off what rattleheads expected from the band. Honestly I expected things to be formulaic probably considering the aging Dave but no... he still has fuel on his tanks to spark a decent album right on track. Also James, Shawn did their unaging task well.

Lars and the rest of Metallica should be shaking their heads by now and I saw some hilarious fanboys hiding their copy of Death Magnetic (pussy) out of shame. Well done Davey, well done. 4.5/5

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