Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Onion Skin (Balat Sibuyas)

This video brought me back to the memories of Mr. Chip Tsao, the Hong Kong writer who was deeply criticized for what he wrote few months ago.

Ms.Ho: *grabs her phone, dialed a number* Wei (Hello), Inday where are you?
Inday: Hello, yes, misis Ho, I'm presently on the street, I joined a protest against a columnist named Mr. Tsao and now we are parading all over the streets of Hong Kong.
Ms.Ho: What the hell is this protest all about Inday?
Inday: Mr. Tsao called our country a "land of servants". Thats absolutely not true misis Tsao!
Ms.Ho: Well whatever is that Inday make sure at 6 PM sharp, after your day off, fetch the kids, cook dinner, clean those toilets and try to clean those furnitures I have told you to clean several days ago.
Inday: Yes misis Ho, bye.

First and foremost I am a FILIPINO and a proud SERVANT working for a company with 6 Chinese Directors.

Tsao has faced various accusations of racism for his English-language writings. In October 2005, an article he wrote for the South China Morning Post entitled "Have Hong Kong girls stopped looking for Mr White?"

On January 12, 2008, Tsao published an editorial for the local Chinese newspaper Apple Daily entitled "Monkey President". [12] Tsao began his article with, "Unless America has gone insane, it would be impossible for this Obama to be elected as the next president of the United States."

When Tsao wrote this did any "white guy" cared? Did you see a "monkey president" or any politician condemning, bashing Mr. Tsao on TV just to get noticed?

The point is, why are Filipinos so sensitive about things written by a sarcastic writer who's only goal in life is to be noticed? Thanks to our country we fulfilled his wish. There are more issues for Filipinos to consider and to care about (jobs, poverty, crimes etc..) Rather than watching our television 24x7 waiting for someone to speak anything about Philippines, why don't we face the FACT written by Mr. Tsao?

This was in regards with Spratlys Issue..

"as a nation of servants,"

Is there anything untrue with what Mr. Tsao wrote? Most claim that "workers" should be used instead of "servants". What difference would that make? Fact is the one should understand the difference between a "worker" and a servant".

worker – noun
1. a person or thing that works.

servant - noun
1. one that serves others ; especially : one that performs duties about the person or home of a master or personal employer

A "worker" could never be a "servant" in his own farm/land. Face it, our country's economy marginally relies on the millions of its citizen "employed by other countries." Our country earns from those citizens "that serves others, that performs duties about the person or home of a master or personal employer." Whats wrong with being called "a nation of servants" when statistics proves its true?! Why would I bother to pretend something that I am not? A sample I would take here is the humble office we are working with here in China . Most of us Filipinos here generally accepts being SERVANTS catering to "serve" the requirements of our clients and boss..and so does our fellow Chinese office mates, largely accepting being a servant, we are not working for oneself, we are "working" to "serve" the needs of the company. Is their any racial slur with that?

Few years ago back in the Philippines some folks protested for being called as "squatters"..., rather they want to be called "informal settlers". Hell, what difference would that make to their lives anyway? Why would they protest for silly names when they should be protesting better housing programs from our dear government.


"as a nation of servants, you don't flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter."

If the government was dead serious on claiming those islands...then we should start thanking our "brilliant law makers", the once senator who became president Joseph Estrada along with Tanada as they were the brain child of abolishing two US bases, Clark and Subic. When US forces left from the said bases our grasp with those islands went downhill. Does Taiwan, South Korea, Japan (Asian countries with US bases) encountered any problem with border disputes? NO. Did our brilliant Estrada realized that we rely mostly on the prowess of US military to guard our boundaries? Heck, I couldn't even hear from our country that we have at least a single decent naval warship to guard our territory. How can you "flex" your muscle against a country 50 times the size of our economy, military and population? Our country can't even handle Sulu!

Somewhat Mr. Lourd on the video above is right, "umunlad ba ang Pilipinas pagkatapos magapologize si Chip Tsao?"

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