Saturday, November 28, 2009

Silent Slander

While watching CNN with 2009 Hero of the Year being awarded to Efren Peñaflorida I was filled with disgust over watching many of our countrymen and politicians joining the hand clap bandwagon in celebrating the award.

Here's my bet...when Efren was knocking at our doors asking for donations or asking people to volunteer for his cause probably large percentage of our countrymen wont even bother to listen or open for him. Damn, I remember seeing a friend inviting people few to join us for Gawad Kalinga none of them bothered citing "i having better things to do"! Efrens cause isn't an exception. Most of us walking along the streets before would probably ignore him, sneer at him since none of this international media body recognizes his work. But today you might run after him on the streets riding his popularity.

But when things are over and Efrens popularity fades would you be willing to join his cause?

..and now hooray for the bunch of hypocrites clapping for and applause for our dear president for recognizing Efrens work after someone recognized it! Sadly it took a CNN to recognize a heroic deed before our country does. Shame. And hey..a silent slander..when a person I know saw this he said "Are things that worse in Philippines, you have pushcart schools?" I replied....... "haven't even seen the half of it buddy, not even a half of it". A scene rose into my mind, 10 students sharing on 1 book, 200 students on 1 classroom with 1 teacher.

Maguindanao massacre

A Deadly Massacre in The Philippines

No need to write anything about this.

Once and for all the only way to clean our country's politics is remove all the politicians we have and set things under one regime who knows how to "think".

It took communism to cleanse the political system of Russia, China, a federal system to cleanse the political system of USA, and a monarchy to cleanse United Kingdom.


ravensnest said...
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ravensnest said...

Same here.
I remember seeing him a few years ago on a TV documentary here in the philippines... But nobody took notice of his dedication, no support from the government whatsoever.

It's shameful that the ones who recognized his hard work are foreigners, and not his own countrymen. Everyone else just jumped on the bandwagon, with their own agendas.

God bless him.